Monday, November 3, 2008


So as many of you don't know i just got back from chi, OK more like last week. I've just been a tad lazy on uploading my pictures from my digi-cam, which are not all that great. first of all id like to say that Chicago (from what i know) has the best style of American food I've ever experienced (u know pizza, hot dogs, burgers) and a very large number of very cheap and good Mexican restaurants. Another thingy noticed about chi is that there are not only a few but a large amount of record stores, and when you walk in there's people actually buying vinyl.
Kumas corner
a metal style burger joint whose burger names range from every good metal band you can imagine. this here is the slayer. no bread just burger goodness
for some reason the pic is not the right angle

best stuffed pizza ever

Hot dougs
gourmet hot dogs, this place is awesome and i wish there was one down here. they have weird sausages like deer, elk, ostrich, gator etc etc.
gator sausage with blue cheese

now what i really wanted to see was a good ol' juke style dance formation, but i didn't get to see that. maybe next time chi town

special thanks to all the homies out there who posted me up and showed me around, Mando, Gloe, Dirty 30, Vibrator crew (II) and anyone else i forgot.

DJ thadz- da juke a later

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Chris Mora said...

Gino's East is where the good Chicago deep dish pizza is at... Soooooo good. And they ship the pizzas! Now you have me craving them, I think I might order some...