Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Olde Addict Records is proud to announce the release of Doormouse's newest mix, 100% Pure Wisconsin Cheese.
While the Nu Addict Records seems swept up in a wave of 'in your face' internet posts and even more in your face 'breakcore', the Olde camp marches on in a display of keeping with the times with a mix full of your favorite artists. Artists like Akon, Justin Timberlake, Freestyle, Squarepusher, DJ Funk, L.O.N.S, Daft Punk, Debbie Bed, Uncle Al, Pitbull, Rick James and many, many more!!!
While other artists prefer to release on labels that they themselves have labeled 'lame', Doormouse keeps the faith right at home.
Executive Producer DJ Wedding DJ sees big thing for this 'net release, and has promised a follow up with a hottmixx of his own.
The choice is yours and the choice is simple, nu gimmicks with empty feelings or olde quality with products that last.


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