Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Mix Up!!! Induce @ The Do-Over :: LA

I've been back a couple weeks now, but probably the best time I had while DJing in LA happened at this party, The Do-Over. Thrown by Stones Throw affiliates Aloe Black, Jamie Strong, and Chris Haycock, The Do-Over is a seasonal party that happens during the Summer, starts at 4 in the afternoon and is just simply about good music. Coincidentally, the week I played was the last installment of the Do-Over for the season so it was total blow out style with like, 8 DJ's including Dam Funk, J-Rocc, Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, and even detroit repper House Shoes showed up and played a few. LA showed me lots of love and I would like to thank everyone at the Do-Over (as if people read this blog), ya'll made me feel at home. Big Up to Jamie and Aloe, and especially the mayor of LA, Havanna Joe for making it happen. This mix is ALL VINYL - No MP3's, no represses. Get with it if you can.


Hometeam Podcast


• The Future M.C.’s
• Camille
• Alfonzo
• Sylvia Striplin
• Sharon Redd
• Cheri
• K.I.D.
• Chic
• Gino Soccio
• Cameo
• The Time
• D-Train
• Gaston
• Patrice Rushen
• Daddy’s Favorite
• B.O.C. Productions
• Soho
• The Bucketheads
• Todd Terry, Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown (MAW)
• Ruffneck (MAW)
• Marshall Jefferson
• Royal House (Todd Terry)
• Black Riot (Todd Terry)
• Cajmere
• Frankie Knuckles
• 2 Live Crew
• Success N Effect
• The Puppies
• The Dogs

Here's a pic of Sven as The King getting slammed by the one and only Dola.

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