Friday, November 28, 2008


i took the opportunity of posting a bit early and getting some things off my chest about this and the past few years of art basel. it seems to me that there is a high lack of "interesting" art out there and by interesting i mean things with a nice deep conceptual base and technical skill, it seems to me that most of this has been replaced with stuff that's cool. i do understand that art is a business in in order for the business to keep going you need to sell product, but it seems like there is a lack of quality but there is a lot more quantity. i cannot say this year will be great but from what i have seen so far again... its just more cool hip stuff. kinda like what happened to hip hop. oof lets not even go there.. speaking of hip hop not to go to much off topic, chocolate Sundays a party that most of us ( on the blog) dj at is having its regular monthly spelling bee this dec 7th and they are themeing it a 90s jam. meaning come dressed out in your best 90s gear (if you have some cross colors shit i suggest you bring that out) nautica jackets baggy jeans etc. i am looking more forward t that than the circus of what we call the art market that will be hitting us in a few days. (I've seen mad head sell out for cheap fame) by all means go and get yours but don't sell yourself short trying to achieve an imaginary place in a market who will only see you for the trend you are in... to me art should be able to stand the test of time and not just some trend that you see some dudes do and you think hey i can do that too that shits cool.
hahah ok imma stop hating yall do you
imma do me :)

i think its time for some revelations
2 live crew- revelations
ripped from my homeboys CD collection at 320

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