Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Mix Up - Post Thanksgiving Weirdo Edition

This week, I kinda spazzed out and went all over the board for this mix, so don't look for any blends on this one, but DO look for downright dope on plastic. From Jazz to Blues to Dreamy to that new-old Soul sound, every song should make you feel something down deep. As per usual, this was recorded live at LVL 25 @ The Conrad Hotel. The first half is all vinyl, second half is serato. I figured since it's the post Thanksgiving edition, and Thanksgiving is less about the tradition (for me at least) and more about food, I would finally post this picture of the wonderful candy strawberries at the street fair in Italy. Everytime I look at it, it makes me want to fly back and eat one.


Hometeam Podcast


• King Curtis
• Nuyorican Soul
• Dinah Washington (Truth & Soul)
• Howlin Wolf
• Sa-Ra Creative Partners
• Herbie Hancock
• Faze-O
• Sebastien Tellier
• Stereolab
• Bjork
• Jarvis Cocker
• Juliette Commagere
• Scarlett Johansson
• Dungen
• Koushik
• The Kaldirons
• Mayer Hawthorn & The County

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