Thursday, December 11, 2008

Remember This Guy?

So I'm sitting at home, trying to go through my newly built record shelves, trying to weed out crap, organize, etc; I take a break and check up on the internet.  I start watching all these video clips from the riots going down in Greece.  I'm thinking: "Damn that shit's crazy, but you remember what was REALLY CRAZY?  That Austrian nut who locked up his kids w/o his wife knowing!  Now that shit was crazy!"

So, then I thought, "Hmmpf, kinda haven't heard anything about Josef Fritzl in a while, I should probably check up on the most insane story I've heard in the last year."

Turns out, aside from 'just' imprisoning a number of his own children in a self-made underground prison, incestuous fathering of 4 more children with the eldest of his already imprisoned children, he also kept his mother locked up in the attic w/ bricked-up windows until her death!!

"It is unknown how long his mother was kept in a room without daylight, but Austrian newspapers speculate it could have been for up to 20 years."

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