Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flyer Fodder Spotted

Having done graphic design for a bunch of years now, I'm always interested in spotting the source materials people steal/borrow for their work; much the same as when I was 18 going through 126 Bob James albums looking for Beastie Boys samples.

Now, I did a good bit of googling for the finished flyer, but to no avail.  The event featured Lloydski at PS14 doing a disco set.  If you missed it, maybe the designer will post up the OG in the comments. 

*Edit: The link is in the comments.

Regardless, here's the album cover the piece was ripped from:

Just imagine Lloyd's head on there.  

Nice fit.

But, to do you one better, here's a rip of Captain Sky's album.  Enjoy.

Continuing on Lloyd, he was just down here this past weekend, djing at Poplife in the 'Red Room' --- also known as the 'other room where you go when its too packed/loud/annoying in the main room'.  Aside from Benton and myself, it was a fairly lukewarm reception, despite him dropping some really good tracks.

Here's one of em that you most likely missed; unless you are either the guy or girl that was enjoying a serious makeout sesh in the corner.  Yes, we were watching.

Force Of Nature - Afroshock

And just cause I can, here's the 'alternate' take on a classic:

West Phillips - (I'm Just A) Sucker For A Pretty Face (Alternate)

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