Saturday, June 7, 2008

On the Road (San Fran)

I wish I had a bunch more photos, that is, I wish I had taken any photos.  

Friday morning, as I got home from MoneyShot, I had planned on taking a 'disco nap' for an hour before I had to wake up my roommate for a ride to catch my 8am flight.  

Yeah, well that didn't really work out.  Woke up at 7:15am when someone was in the shower.  

"Let'sss Gooooo!"  

Race-car driving later, I'm the last guy on the flight --- you know 'that guy' who totally stalled your plane and you ice-grill him on his way in.  

Fast-forward a bit, and I'm at the TLA in Philly.  We're scheduled to play at a 5-act show, w/ The Roots headlining.  Supposed to be on stage in 35 min, no sound-check; yet, I haven't even seen Santi yet, nor do I have the updated setlist, nor do I have all of the show instrumentals. 

Sweet start.

Phone call > YouSendIt > downloading . . . . 42 minutes to go.  34 min to show-time.  

Thankfully the band before us took their time; I got a quick setlist, and basically just free-balled the whole thing.  Couldn't hear shit Santi was sayin on the mic, and couldn't find a sound guy to patch her into my monitor.  Then again, no sound-check and 1 minute of coordination is how I usually roll anyways.  

Also, later found out that one of the instrumentals included in the YSI packet was incorrect -- it was a full version of "Shove It" which features Spank Rock.  Luckily, as the song before it was just ending, Naeem showed up on stage to say 'Hi' to me, and generally rock out in the background.  Dude saved the day, cuz once Santi & I realized it wasn't the right edit, I just pushed him front-and-center, and he didn't miss a beat!  

Then went out to a party at the Barbary after the show w/ Naeem & posse.  I'm pretty sure it was Drop The Lime djing downstairs, didn't bother to ask.  Shit was loud, people were into it like good ol' rave-cave bats.  

He was playing some heavy dance music (~Trouble & Bass[his crew], Switch, and some of his own cuts he sang on) -- all pretty good tunes, but his blends/cuts/efx were reeaally off.  Ooof.   
But of course, looking around at the dancing globs of sweat, nobody seemed to care.  

In San Fran now.  Gotta grab a bite to eat before we go to the festival.  Steve Aoki is on right now, then DJ AM, then us, then MSTRKRFT, and then Moby -- who i'm going to pretend I know/met at Poplife.  


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luis said...

haha u got botted?

contra said...

that's what happens when you put 'Steve Aoki' in the tags.