Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh Hell Nah

What's more 'American'?
Selling out/Capitalism, or protecting the 'American Way'?

The proto-American King of Beers, Budweiser, has been offered a $46 billion buyout by the Belgian company that owns Stella Artois and Beck's.

Thankfully the good people at Save Budweiser have started a petition against the sale.  They've got more than 35,000 signatures so far.

On the topic of 35,000 people banding together with the goal of partying til "The dawn's early light", I bring you the hottest shit you've ever stepped in:

Letsss Goo!

This track reminds me Rock Master Scott's Request Line; regardless, here's an edit w/ an easy mix intro, found via The Hydeout.

Common - Universal Mind Control ft. Pharrell (Intro'ed Edit)

*Track taken down by DivShare, go to The Hydeout.

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