Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back In Town

*air horn*

Just wrapped up the first stint w/ Santogold.  Pretty quick really.  The above photo is from an in-store at the Virgin Megastore in LA; which was actually a large ass setup outside in the center of the Hollywood mall-thing.  Switch surprised me by showing up to watch the show, and then further surprised me when he told me he had recently moved out there.  LA, really!?

Old Man Blu, 5 years ago.

Later in the night, met up w/ Old Man Blu(Jemz), who is as crochety as ever, at The Standard -- which was as much LA-flavor as I need this year.  On getting past the velvet-rope-guarding-door-girl, who was protecting a half-filled room, I got what felt like a 3rd-grade lecture about wearing a baseball cap, and how: 

"Usually we don't allow people to wear hats, but we're playing it really cool and loose tonight.  I just wanted you to know, so that you don't come back here with a cap on again and expect to get in, because usually . . . "   

Thanks babe, now can I go inside and pretend to ignore the horrendous girl-to-guy ratio?

Anyways, given Santi's hectic schedule, her voice/throat was giving her issues the whole time --- aside from her pre-show vocal warm-ups and while performing, she couldn't really talk at all.  Had to take steroids and use this weird inhaler thing.  Bunch of text msging and sign-language goin on the whole time.  

In preparation for the Rock The Bells festival dates, I wanted to work out some "Don't be scared frat-boys" transitions.  You know, mix something familiar to lead into her tracks etc.  

Well, that idea turned into a semi-finished remix when I realized the two tracks went really well together (D-Minor in the house!).  So basically, used replayed pads and blips from Lil Wayne's Lollipop song w/ a bootleg acapella and put em on a re-chopped Creator, w/ some Santi on the hooks.  

Lil Wayne & Santogold - Lollipop (Contra's Creator Remix)

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nice remix! turn that acapella up.