Sunday, June 29, 2008

First On This: Radioclit

Franki Chan preaching the gospel back at the hotel post-show.

Super-cool Swede, Johan from Radioclit, just sent me, and i'm assuming everyone else he met here on this past tour of theirs, an email w/ a bunch of new goodness.

When we met at Money Shot last Thursday (which was super-slammed!), he reminded/told me that we had met while I was on the road w/ Maya -- but you know how 'that' goes.  Regardless, after talking to him for a good deal of time before the show; he pretty much confirmed my long-standing belief that Swedes (probably, all Scandinavians in general as well), are the best people in the world.

Also, not being all that familiar w/ their work until that night, I was really into what they were doing --- a heavily traditional African-influenced hybrid of then-and-now.

Heres a vid of them working in the studio spliced w/ other ish:

And then, via YouSendIt, you can get their single "Secousse", as well as all of the remixes so far for the track.  Including efforts by Crookers, Mumdance, Qoso, and Bablee!

Jag Lskar Dig!

p.s. We got our 1st(?) first; what's up now Hype Machine!?!  Jake, make it happen!

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