Monday, June 16, 2008

Having Issues

So I tried uploading the Lil Wayne x Santogold track up on Myspace -- but got this:

Now, out of the hundreds of remixes of the Lollipop song out there; how the hell did mine get caught?!   

Dunno what to say about that.
I read up on this filter they've got -- and apparently once its triggered, they have some sort of hash-check wherein no matter if you reformat the song, it will always be recognized and flagged.

In that case; here's the track again w/ bumped up studio vocals.

Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Contra's Creator Remix)

*Track taken down by DivShare -- you can now find it here.

And here's some awesomeness captured with this old footage of 3 legends together at one time -- James Brown, MJ, & Prince


luis said...

thats what u get for playing dubstep

kurt jacobson said...

here's a tip, try adding like 7 seconds of silence at the end of your track, should fuck up there hash algorithm, but maybe not and I'm a horrible scientist.

anyway the divshare link is dead too. wtf. how am i supposed to get my daily dose of the hottness? don't leave me hanging superstar...