Monday, June 2, 2008

Where's Contra?

A very observant reader of the blog recently let me know that he's found me on Wikipedia.

No, no, no; you can't just type in 'DJ Contra' and find me.  Nope, this takes Sherlock Holmes-style sleuthing.  

So, I'm going to offer up a free ticket to an upcoming Santogold show to whomever finds me first (excluding the observant reader, who gets another prize I can't think of yet).  

But, here's the catch.  I don't have the dates/cities yet for her tour.  From this Thursday until early-August we're just doing festival dates, and I dunno if I have any pull for those.  If I find out that I can score wristbands, then we can work it out.  So, potential-soon-to-be-winner, have patience.

That said -- here are some of the dates I have so far:

June 6 - Philly - Roots Concert
June 7 - San Fran - Live 105
June 8 - San Diego - 949 Independent Jam
June 9 - LA - Virgin Store outside performance

July 20 - NYC - Summerstage
July 22 - NYC - Craig Wetherby Event
July 26 - Boston - Rock the Bells
July 27 - Washington DC - Rock the Bells

Aug 1 - Chicago - Lollapalooza
Aug 2 - Miami - Rock the Bells
Aug 3 - NYC - Rock the Bells


kurt jacobson said...

i cant find you on wikipedia. but then i didnt look. when's the london tour date bitch? nice blogging superstar :p

tiff said...

thanks for yet ANOTHER reason to waste time. haven't found you but here's adrian...ha!

Chris Mora said...

I'm pretty sure I found you. But since I'm already going to Rock the Bells, I don't want to ruin the contest for anybody else.

It was a bit blurry but the hint helped... Then again, maybe I'm completely wrong.

contra said...

Kurt, Santi's gon be performing at Scala today in London. Devlin & Darko are also playin there i think. If you head out there -- introduce yourself, you'll be in good company.