Wednesday, June 4, 2008


You know that little bar up at the top of Blogspot sites?

Well, if you're bored, waiting for someone to get to your house, click on the 'Next Blog' button; you could be amazed.  This is what I found:

. . . um, kinda want the song.

Now, the nice smooth segue from gunfire = Ratatat.

They have a new album coming/out/leaked.  Gave it a quick listen.  Couple jams.  More misses.  Overall, eh. Then again I wasn't into the last Portishead effort either, so just download the track, and figure it out for yourself; cuz if my opinion mattered, there would already be socks sold in grocery stores.

Ratatat - Mi Viejo

Ratatat - Falcon Jab

And this is the best remix they've done -- better than the whole new album.

Ghostface Killah (ft. Jadakiss & Comp) - Run (Ratatat Remix)

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The Garage Workout said...

holler if you get it. want it.