Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This happened a bit ago; but the blog's been slowish, *ahem*...

Anyways Hot 97's DJ Enuff interviews Santi on Hot97.com.

Also, I got an email today saying that Santi's not doing the Rock The Bells tour anymore; instead:

I'm not quite sure what to think about Coldplay's new album -- which I haven't heard aside from that iPod commercial which seems to be perfectly targeted at my tv-viewing habits, .  . . hmmm? -- but I'm all for meaningless conjecture.  Therefore I'll go ahead and guess that the album will lend itself to allowing Chris Martin to pull a bunch of those 'I feel the spirit' moves that Thom Yorke has pretty much ran with for 6 albums.  

Anyways, its probably a better match than pairing her w/ most hip-hop acts -- and for that matter, it can't be much different/worse than djing for M.I.A. when we were opening for Gwen Stefani!

This was one of the few photos i managed to snap from backstage while she was performing.  

Gwen would be the one glowing white.

Apparently I wasn't allowed to take any photos, and Gwen's personal bodyguard made that abundantly clear when he caught me. That dude sucked!

When we were in LA(?), the rapper Nump, who had that hit(?) "I Gott Grapes" which M.I.A. jumped on for a remix, was stopped by Gwen's bodyguard forcibly in the hallway when he noticed he didn't have his backstage sticker on -- even though he had just been in Maya's room with all of us in there. 

Whatever.  I'm rambling and have to go to Oh Hell Nah!  

Dude also had a "Stop Cupcakin" t-shirt.


A. CUZT said...

Oy! Contra!
Any way we can get the 'Grapes' song with Mya on it?!???!!

contra said...

For 7 days: http://download.yousendit.com/9555D616692DBEF8

A. CUZT said...

Thanx a lot, Contra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOO-HOO!!!

justbrad said...

damn, that is ill that she made a lil remix to that. i used to play that song too much a couple summers back.. but yo, that shirt and word in general is mad funny. too many ni99as be cupcaking forreal, me being one of em. we need to stop that shit