Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jay-Z pulling a Lil Wayne

There was a bunch of 'drama/concern' regarding having dude perform at this year's Glastonbury Festival . . . what with him being black and all.  Seriously, people were up in arms about having him headline because they felt that the festival's been anchored in rock etc.  Whatever.  Well, if you haven't seen it yet, check some vid at the beginning of his set; gon Weezy:


Semi-drugged-out sing-song-flow?!
Check, and ooof.

Throw a 'surprise left-field' joint into your set?

However, the inclusion of Wonderwall into his set wasn't the idea of a genius, rather one of a bitter man taking a dig at one of dem brothers from Oasis who didn't want him to headline the festival.  Too bad the crowd was so into the song.

I couldn't help but laugh when the band transitioned into the omnipresent AC/DC mash-up mix of 99 Problems!  I can't really decide whether its a worse look for a dj to drop that in his set, or for the remixed artist to use that same mash in his set . . . in front of 100,000+ people.

Now, who put him onto that mix?  AM?  Ronson?  Tom LaRoc!?!  And, more importantly, was it really this guy's genius that made it to Jay's ears?

Here's a vid of Wayne from Hot97's SummerJam. Totally going to play this tonight @ Chocolate Sundays.  So awesome.

Another vid of a Glastonbury performance is of Amy Winehouse, who apparently got agitated by someone enough to punch/push em a couple times mid-song.  Glad to see that crack doesn't cause mood swings.

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