Thursday, June 5, 2008

Land Of The Bjork

I mean damn, just imagine if you were the bear.  


You're on your last ounce of strength as you've had to swim through all sorts of deadly perils: Sharks nibbling you, waves crushing all around, and most importantly, you've had nothing to eat for days!  

Then . . . in the faint distance . . . after hours and hours of treacherous hell, you think . . . . maybe . . . "Is that land?!?"

The blood starts pushing your muscles harder and harder as your heart starts racing again with a newly rekindled vigor.  

"It is land!!  I made it!"

Once you're finally ashore, the relief sweeps over your body as if you were 8-years-old doing a cannonball in the pool on a hot summer's day.  

"Finally," you must have thought to yourself, "I made it!  I'm exhausted.  *Phew*  200 miles!  Wait'll I tell the guys back home, nobody's gonna believe it!  It's gotta be a new world record or something."  

As you look around this newfound terrain you realize, "Well shit, I am fucking H-U-N-G-R-Y!  Lemme look around for some food and see wha . . . oh fuck."

If you're into cute-bear hunting, you can watch the video of Bjork's minions killin the polar bear here.  

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