Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Woo Hoo! Happy Anniversary China!

Today commemorates the 19th anniversary of the violent end to the Tiananmen Square 'incident'.

"That night, the Chinese government turned its troops and tanks against its own citizens, slaughtering hundreds to stop a coalition of students, a handful of workers, and a few academics, writers, and journalists from seeking more control over their own lives and for a pluralistic political system."

According to Human Rights Watch, there are still around 130 people in prison for their involvement in the protests. Bummer, eh?

Speaking of genocide, well, not really, but it still made me think of this track, and want to post it up, and its got a story, and a run-on sentence to boot . . .

I should be a photographer, cuz I made her look gooood.

This following track M.I.A. put me up on when she was down here recording. It took me a while to wrestle the track id from her - so you're welcome.

The tune has got such a HUGE sound. It opens with a classic breakbeat melting into a warm spacey melody that was a staple of the early-90s big-room sound. But the song doesn't really start for me until around the 4-minute-mark. That peaceful bliss fades to nothingness as the hypest guy i've ever(really? maybe.) heard on a mic just rips the shit on the ragga-dancehall-stylee for 2 minutes with barely a breath.

This is the stuff I imagine being played at a 90s warehouse rave in East London. I've reserved playing it until I find the perfect room of sardine-packed-just-don't-give-a-fuck's; and as of yet, it has remained silent.

Genaside II - Narra Mine (OG Version) (1991)

* Listen to it on your headphones at home; your laptop speakers will NOT do it justice.