Monday, June 16, 2008

Womp Womp

So I went to the movies a couple days ago for a double-feature.  The plan was to watch the new Mark Wahlberg flick, "The Happening", first, and then scoot over to the new Hulk movie. 

Well, after 25 uncomfortable minutes of: 
"Ooooh, the trees . . . . Hey, this is weird . . . oooh, somethings happening . . . very slowly . . .", I got up and left.  

So, went over to see Hulk down the hall.  

Better than the CGI effects.

Though, more entertaining than The Happening, this joint was WEAKSAUCE!! 

Read an informed review here; or, let me just sum it up w/ some key points/words:



"...gets progressively worse and more insulting."

"This leaves little time to work on his acting, which is preeningly dreadful here."

"Liv falls short of this drastically low standard."

"...biggest disappointment..."

" penis exploding her vagina..."

1 comment:

luis said...

hahaha it was like the fog with no fog. and way worse acting