Saturday, April 26, 2008

WVUM '00-'02

Back when I was hosting The Underground on WVUM, if there was one label I was constantly checking for, it was Tru Thoughts.  I have no idea how I got put up on them; but "Thank You!" to whomever was responsible.

I was so hooked on their sound that when I found out that Will Holland, aka Quantic, was going to be heading to the States for a gig in Philly and another in NYC, I hit up both Paul Jonas and Tom Simpson (awesome guy) to try and sort out a gig in Miami.

At the time a 'budget' to me was $200-$250, [imagine a 'broke-college-kid', then imagine a 'broke-college-kid-dj'; we're the 'brokest' kind], and after they tried negotiating, they realized I really didn't have anymore money.  So, because Will really wanted to play Miami, my $250 stretched out far enough to bring him down on the only night the venue (I/O Lounge, now The Vagabond) had open that particular week, a Monday.  

Needless to say, Quantic's non-NYC/Philly US debut was poorly attended.  That was probably the first time I started getting hip to the fact that Miami is just a 'little' behind the (music) times.  

Anyways, for all those squares that still aren't hip to Quantic or Tru Thoughts, get with this shit.

Quantic - Life In The Rain

Quantic produced this song when he was 20yrs old.

Quantic - Super 8 (Part 1)

Mawglee - Dreaming

Natural Self - Soloman (Nostalgia 77 Mix)

And the highest recommendation possible for this last track!
Alice Russell - Hurry On Now

Taken from her debut album, Under the Munka Moon. Buy it any chance you get; I've got two vinyl copies & one on cd.

I would also highly recommend -- possibly even more so than Alice Russell's LP -- purchasing TM Juke's Map From The Wilderness LP --- she's featured on two great songs on the album. I still play them out frequently.

* If you've downloaded any of these songs, congratulations, you're now only 6-8 years behind.  

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