Friday, April 25, 2008

You Got A Better Version!?

If you check back in the posts since I started keeping this blog relatively updated (*cough*), I mentioned a film Santa Sangre in a previous post (go ahead, check it out).  Well the soundtrack has an interesting and varied selection of tracks; below being my choice tune. 

Damazo PĂ©rez Prado - Caballo Negro
*This is a 128kbps -- if you've got a higher quality version let me know, cuz i'd really like to chop it up.
*Note: Prado is the Cuban musician who also composed the original Mambo #5.
If you want to remember how great Louie Bega's version was, go right ahead.

For me, I'm all about the flair of the OG.  They're stylin on ya w/ those pure yak-hair sleeves!

Also I'm watching Lucky Number Slevin right now -- and a choice choice choice tune just came on, and I can't resist posting it.  It just oozes emotion.

*For the Wu-Tang fans out there, this was sampled on Tearz, which if memory serves, was the first Wu track recorded/released.  

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luis said...

all this talk about movies and sampling brought me to think that you might like this.
the soundtrack to the movie el topo.

heres the trailer

and here the wiki article about it

this is a classic cult film, its like a kung fu flick meets mexican bandits meets gore.