Monday, April 14, 2008

It's finally over!

Last time I was in Canada was w/ M.I.A. -- but we really didn't get much of a chance to 'experience' the cities we played in.  It was pretty much: Sleep in bus, wake up at venue > Sound-check > Eat quickly > Perform > Sleep in bus > Repeat.  

This time around, w/ Huggs, I had a completely different viewpoint.  

Things I learned in Canada:

1) They drink a lot.  

Miamians tend to restrict themselves to nightly hours unless you've got a bbq or WMC in town.  In Canada any hour is fair game.  People even plan out their daily schedules accordingly: 
"Mimosa for breakfast, then I'll get drunk for lunch, take a nap, maybe finish that report, and then go to the club/bar to get wasted."  

2) Drinks are super-expensive.
If you ever find yourself about to complain about the price of a drink, just picture a freezing-cold Canadian, all wrapped up in a parka, dropping almost twice as much dough on that same drink.  And yes, the exchange rate is pretty much equal.   

I bought an 18 pack for this hostel/hotel place I was staying at; it cost ~$48!!!  Yeah, I can't believe I bought it either.  Depending on where you are in Canada, you could be paying 3-5 different taxes for that sweet nectar of the Gods. 

3) Canadian hipsters are:

a) 3-10 years younger than those in Miami.  

This may have something to do w/ the fact that the legal drinking age is 18 or 19 (depending on where you are).

b) Way more open to whatever music you're playing.
During the course of the tour I found that I could play anything from Creedence to Blaqstarr to Justus Köhncke and the crowd would respond equally well.  'Responding well' is code for shirts off, hands in the air, jumping/dancing on the stage insanity.  

At the Ottawa show in particular, I was completely impressed with the party!  500 thumbs up to the Jokers of the Scene boys who were throwing it!  Super-evident that they have put in work (~5-6 years) in crafting such a refreshing party.  Granted most of the music can be found on the innrnet, but 85% of it i've never heard played out -- especially not in Miami!   

That said, most of the clubs/parties were heavily focused on hard and new dance (read: internet) music.  They were also not particularly into 'extended' mixing.  By 'extended' I mean, keep the song under 2 minutes, and don't bother running a mix longer than 8 bars.   
c) Into partying and not just 'being there'.

Maybe its just my jaded outlook, or maybe its that they're a bit younger, or maybe its the truth, either way Canadians love having fun.  Using just my fingers, I could count how many people, throughout the duration of the trip, came to the club to stand in the corner(takes one to know one).  Even when you've got a half-full club, everyone is either dancing or arm-thrusting. 

4) People from Quebec can find something bad to say about the USA no matter what the topic.  

Hey, funny guy, i heard you the first time; now, let's not get you hurt.  

5) When someone tells you its 'sweatshirt weather', bring a coat.

6) Bubble tea is set to sweep the nation.  

I had never heard/had this concoction before this trip.  Not that amazing, but I found places serving it everywhere we went.    

7) DJ Sega has the best work-ethic ever.
This kid cranks out tracks everywhere he goes; constantly working.  Not the most depth ever, but who needs depth when you're dropping dance-floor bombs every 1.5 minutes?

8) Facebook rules Canada.

That said; here are some random tracks you need in your life.

MGMT - Electric Feel

I heard good things about this band for a minute.  My connect for all things emo/hipster/indie-dance sent me this a while ago.  Into it.

During the last couple days of the tour my k'd version of Aibltun decided to catch me; and now prevents me from reopening earlier projects.  So here's something that's still playable, but not what I wanted as a finished project.  
Quality control?!  Never heard of it.
Take a listen for yourself.

Genesis - That's All (Contra Unfinished Remix)

Divshare is acting up, so I'll upload more later.


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