Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So last night we were scheduled to play an end-of-the-ski-season/all-drinks-must-go party at this hotel/bar spot in Fernie.  

Rowdy rowdy crowd downstairs. When we got in, they were in full bingo swing.  

Not the friendly bingo you lame's have at The Standard; where, if you happen to mistakenly call 'Bingo' when you haven't actually won - you apologize and everyone kindly smiles and you continue to sip on your freshly brewed iced tea.  
Nope.  In Fernie, if you falsely claim 'Bingo' -- you have two choices:

1) Drink a pint of soap water w/ hot sauce as the entire bar (~200 people) scream obscenities and throw shit at you.

2) Leave (as everyone screams obscenities etc), and never return, ever.

Needless to say, I fell asleep early.

Two tracks I got off this nice compilation:

Rolling Stones - If I Was A Dancer (Instrumental)
Previously only available on the promo 12" release.

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LUIS said...

well its a good thing u didnt play. since u cheat at uno
god knows what could have happened