Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Speaking of Quality Control . . .

I'm back in Miami, and we've got a party celebrating that fact (seriously?!) goin down this Thursday!  

*Edit: Josh & Curt will be rolling through post-'their show' at the Fifth.  A lil Contradamus goin down.

Behold the flyer:

If you can read that small, you'll see that the flyer was designed by Shawn Wolfe!  

Now, for those that may not have been graphic design-nerds like myself, Mr. Wolfe is a super-accomplished artist.  I was definitely inspired by his works when I was heavy into the design world; I even bought his book Uncanny for myself as a Christmas present.

That said, take another look at the flyer he produced.  Go ahead, drink it in.  

Now, take a look at some of his other pieces below - and/or check out his online gallery.

Did you by any chance notice a small difference in the quality of the pieces?

Granted, I've seen some horrible flyers before; and this doesn't qualify as one of them.  Its just that when I found out who did the flyer, that he even branded it w/ his Beatkit ("The RemoverInstaller"), I was stupified.  I'd rather have been left thinking it was done by a 37-yr-old trying to rip-off a Freegums design.  
Actually, I would have really rathered seeing Alam Lohar's cassette design as the flyer!  I mean seriously!!  Look at that shit!  Its on some futuristic throwback amazingness!!

Here's to No QC in '08!

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