Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Haiti Is Too Real

Can you see my car?

Late last night shit popped off two doors down from me as I was trying to get productive in my studio. *sigh*...

Jumped to switch lights off, heard a car screech, and another volley. At first I thought it was a drive-by, but now news reports differently - which changes what i "didn't" see... nuff said.

A patrol car showed up super quick, probably less than 1-2 minutes after the shooting. Must've been right around the way and heard the 15-20 shots. By the time Fire Rescue showed up, the mortally wounded cat had succumbed.

Read the news report at the Miami Herald. [If the comment remains up there, 'Tourist' must live in the area, cuz the car seat is always parked there.]

You think this may affect the amount of guests I get next WMC?
What about getting my rent knocked down?

Scarface - I Seen A Man Die

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