Saturday, April 10, 2010


In case you haven't seen/heard it, here's the single off the ex-Dust Brothers' new album. Most all other blogs seem to be posting a radio rip off of Pete Tong's BBC program, but i've gone one the east, and found a different rip of better quality -- in fact its play-outtable(?!) minus the last 10 seconds. Also up is an older track of theirs that you should add to your library if you don't have it already. Upon first listen, their new single reminded me of Juan Maclean's extended live version of Happy House (search the blog for that version somewhere here already uploaded; clocks in at over 21 minutes) mixed with Implog's Holland Tunnel Dive (I wish I hadn't traded that record away), both because of the sounds/format of the song, but also because if you're going to play this out - you've really got to commit to the whole 11 minutes of this thing.

Side note about Mr. Tong: In the Philippines he gave me one of his T-shirts which was designed by Christian Audigier. I completely forgot it in the green room that night, and regret not having it now. Is that important? No. But neither is keeping up w/ KFC's menu, but damn would I try the Double Down, and could use a nice shirt to wipe my fingers off after eating that damn delicious devil!

You know you want it!

So because of the DMCA complaint a couple days ago, gon go ahead and rename these in hopes of missing whatever bot picked up on us. Strangely, it makes me feel as if this blog is somewhat official.

K.emikAl Bros. - E.scape

K.emikAl Bros. - Battle Weapon 8

*Also, for your own ease of use, I've gone ahead and added the 'tunes' tag to most of my posts that have a track on it just in case you only come here for music rather than witty banter, occasional honesty and rare gentle chuckles.

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