Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yeah?!? Yeah.

"This is a place where the very rich go to party within a few miles of some of the poorest people in America. It is a city where political corruption has become a way of life"

Not quite sure about the headline, but an interesting article from The Guardian on what promises to be an even more interesting book which looks at the city that I know as the "Sunny Place For Shady People"

Somewhat along these lines, I just got home from djing at Klutch, where, contrary to a number of online reports, some of the Jersey Shore cast showed up. Pauly D, The Situation and the Other Guy Who Isn't The Buff One [sadly?! I am only a little familiar w/ the show], all rocked out till closing time. As its 6am, I won't go into a rambling diatribe about the state of affairs when chants of "Fist Pump!" are answered by the trio and launch the crowd into such a ridiculous frenzy that people didn't give a second thought to spraying their $1500 bottles of Veuve Clicquot all over the club, crowd and my computer...

Eh, I'm tired.

Speaking of being tired, I partly blame the cool event that Sweat Records put together earlier today that I had the pleasure to play [to shoppers and a 'captive' crowd of ~12 people sitting down on the couches staring -- I haven't done an in-store in a little over a year now, and I don't miss the relative awkwardness at all], after LeSpam and just before ANR took the stage. I played a bunch of randomness including the criminally still unreleased Amanda Blank cover of PJ Harvey's "Driving" (Devlin looking smart in the YouTube), new LCD track "Home", and some other things that happened to catch my eye on the *gasp* laptop screen. *oof*...
Yeah that's right, I'm the dude who shows up to play at a record store's 5-year anniversary party which also happened to fall on Record Store Day 2010, looking for a Serato setup. I suppose that's good enough a point on said subject (the subject being me ,'sharp-as-a-razor', not the death of record stores.
Anyways, there's a 3-part Q&A series w/ Lolo on the Miami Herald's site.

Also, props to Dan aka Doormouse, who had an opening celebration today for his new gym space, 305 Crossfit (59th & NE 4th Ave). Apparently he's too buff to write on this site anymore, but his MySpace comments to himself are none the less for it. Eh...

Sedat the Turkish Avenger - Fist Funk

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