Friday, April 2, 2010

My Id Is On Some Shit

I just woke up from a really disturbing dream. As I'm into reading/hearing other peoples dreams, will share this one while it's still fresh.

Basically a friend of mine (Mike Deuce, for anyone who knows him) asked me to kill him, and gives me a single-barrel shotgun. Somehow he convinces me to do it. Thing is, we're at a BBQ at his parent's house with probably 50-70 other ppl there(friends/family).

Somehow it's all good among them that he wants to die, and no one cares that we're now walking over to the fence to go through with the plan. One guy sitting at a picnic table from the side even exclaims that he's "excited to be a part of it".

Once we're at the wooden fence, my friend aggressively reaffirms to me that he's ready, and I begrudgingly, yet calmly, shoot him in the back of his head. Over my shoulder I hear the same sideline guy yell "Church!" as he starts clapping while enjoying his cigar. Some people are looking, but not staring, and no one is too involved.

I then calmly walk to the other side of the BBQ party still holding the shotgun and have to tell his Mom what I just did. She starts to cry because she had no idea that he wanted to go -- not really mad at me, but more at him for not telling her. Then my dad is also there, and he scolds me for shooting my friend - not angry for why i did it, just that i did it.

Explanations? Anyone? Bueller?
This has got to have something to do w/ the shooting last night.

The Id is a crazy thing.

Black Meteoric Star - Dreamcatcher

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j who said...

mike, you gotta stay away from andrew for a while. no more bbq's. sorry buddy.