Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Live at Liv

Josh n Curt of Flosstradamus are gonna be in town today to dj with me at Liv tonight. Do it.

EDIT: For anybody that attended, I think you'll agree that the boys started off mad rough on Wednesday. At ~1am I left em 'round the 125bpm world, and they came on w/ some 11pm openers. Hypnotize anybody? Then they took the fateful step into a reggae set -- side note to anyone who plans/hopes/will play/attend Liv, they don't do reggae. Not even a little. -- which put them about one song away (cue text msgs flying all around and undergarments knotting up) from getting yanked (15 minutes into their set). Anyways, after rationalizing, I got ushered into dropping a 'subtle' hint, and thankfully they took note and proceeded to rock the club. Glad that they were not added to the Liv graveyard.

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