Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Mr. Spellman sleuthed out the truth behind Miami's infamous Don Bailey and his amazing carpets.

The real question I'd like answered is: "How do I get my hands on one of those posters and/or billboards?"
Timeless Miami treasure right there, and I'd hate for em to be thrown out like a Pluto Nash movie poster, and I would find room for it.

Wait, no moustache preening shop?

Also, regarding the solution to the case [See blog link above], Burt Reynolds has his own museum/gallery in Jupiter, Florida, of which the business card I recently found when cleaning up my room. If it were worth posting a photo of, I would've done so; but woefully it is more American Psycho than moustache.

Shoulda, Coulda...

And the infamous BR Playgirl layout has also been recently implicated as the source material for Republican Senator Scott Brown spread came out during the recent Massachusetts race.

Being in Jupiter, Uncle Burt's museum isn't that far from Miami, and the city has other great sites, like a lighthouse and . . . well, that's about it. (C'mon, you know you're only really going to see the canoe from Deliverance and chance to catch Burt on his frequent pop-ins.)

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the way to force the only transition I could think of into the only track that might be as random as pulling a direct line between Don Bailey and Sen. Scott Brown. And you haven't been thinking about Bubba Sparxx nearly as much as he's been thinking about you.

Bubba Sparxxx - Deliverance (Rowshay Edit) - > really just a DJ tool; one run of the chorus with inst front/back.
I got this off a blog somewhere in the ethernet, but dunno where, apologies and thanks to whomever posted it first.

If you squint your ears enough, you can hear Cee-Lo on this track making a timeless classic (he actually sounds like he's on the chorus -- peep the background echo on the chorus, esp. "...bottle of Shine"... Maybe part hallucination vs not believing Bubba or Timbaland can harmonize that well even w/ tuning). The chorus is so on-point that I had to look into the writer/producer credits of the track. Of course you got the Timbaland credit-whore(harsh?), but if you look at some of the other cats involved in this song, you're looking at a writer for the band Slave and Odyssey and then you got Larry Gold, who has had his hand in all sorts of jams from Salsoul disco days to playing on Karen Young's "Hot Shot"(!?!) to Justin's "Cry Me A River" and even The Roots' Things Fall Apart, namely on my favorite track off that LP, "Act Too (Love of My Life)" [a) I knew all that shit bout LG, or, b) Discogs/Wiki/Google visits help erryone, or c) it doesn't matter cuz now I'mma try to store it].

Cuz I'll use any excuse to post it up, and I mentioned it above in ramblings:
Karen Young - Hot Shot (Rumor Edit) - riff to break to vocals to riff

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