Saturday, March 20, 2010


EDIT: Woop Woop. Got our first DMCA notice for the blog today. There goes the neighborhood. So, just gon have to take down the tunes - but can't imagine that its Runaway. Anyways, good thing this blog isnt registered under my name.

Beach Front Avenue.

Couple of tunes for your cruise on the strip. (I don't actually recommend you rock top-down w/ these playing, you'll just be 'that' guy everyone rolls their eyes at as you pass by them. Maybe just headphone it on the flight down and use the ol' imagination).
I was going to upload a Kavinsky track, but you can find that elsewhere.

Ridney - At Night (Original) -Removed-
No idea the proper genre classification for this one, i'm goin with 'house/emo'. Kinda on some Falke shit.

Tensnake - Get It Right -Removed-
Got this from Huggs. Check his blog for more tunes you'll never play out.

One, Two, Three - Runaway
Bobby Orlando on the production.

Today also marks the 50th day I've been without the Twitter. Not necessarily by choice, more like my Blackberry Bold's trackball doesn't like scrolling down. It's this type of faux-prevention that rules my life.


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Hello. And Bye.

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