Sunday, July 27, 2008

War Stories (Part 3: Fatality!)

NYC in the summer is always a good time.  Thankfully yesterday was our first night-off since these Santogold dates started.  

I get the "Everyone you know will be there, and your an idiot if you don't come," phone call from Lloydski regarding this party/rave/fest at a Bushwick art-space/loft thing that him and EggFoo were djing at.

"It goes from 10 to 10, and I've got the opening slot."

So I go.

And, . . . man, . . . . . . that shit was out of control!  I mean, you get a good party like that once in a summer.  It was just a slaughter-fest!

The best part of it, was that EggFoo was the impetus.  That dude held it down.  I haven't seen him kill a party like that since the Ill Sessions days.  But not even.  Well, here's some video that my dodgy camera tried filming.  You can't really make out how large the space was, but a good 800+ people were upstairs.  Lloyd had bought 300 shitty ass whistles and passed em out. EggFoo brought a smoke-machine and his 303; and I guess Woody brought the siren (all crucial elements to a good BK party!).

The two big songs of the night:

"Hey there."

The first Nick Hook dropped, South Beach staple, Bob Sinclair's "World Hold On".  I'm so glad I caught this shit on video - cuz around 0:23 you're about to see the best thing Lloyd has done in the last 24 hours.

Then, two/three songs before Adrian was set to swap with Junior Sanchez, he dropped [@ 0:33]:

"He can't hear you, he's in the zoooone!"

I jumped on the 303, Woody on the siren, and then I called rewind on that shit!!! **Destruction**

Good times.

And this is random vid of setting up for our show:


tiff said...'re back so i can live vicariously. obscene amounts of spam made me semi-obsessed with this party...glad you went.

ps: lloyd is my HERO!

The Garage Workout said...

when bob sinclair is the moment of the night, you know that things are upside down. what happened to the real rave bro? feed me glowstixxx.