Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rational Geographic

ANR's got a new album on the way!

Witness Miami's epic post-crunk R&B power-duo AWESOME NEW REPUBLIC. ANR SO FAR has it all - you get sensuous subtropical slow jams, speedy punk tracks, truly progressive indie rock, experimental hip-hop + no-wave dancefloor hits. "7.9/10" - Pitchfork

Some vid I snapped (hence the bad quality) of a live show held outside the old old Sweat Records.  One of the better shows I've seen them play.  

Now, here are some tunes from a cd that MJ gave me . . . i dunno, 5 years ago(?), I believe they come from the All Party Talks and ANR So Far releases from Lolo's Sutro Records.  Listening to it now, they had some jams!

Awesome New Republic - F*ck The Sheets

* I have no idea what this track is titled, I just used the chorus

If they were to have had an official single, this would have been my choice, I still play it out:
Awesome New Republic - 2000.30.12


The Garage Workout said...

love the 12" single on blue vinyl...
thanks for the mp3's.
as for the jd on dj post, there is really only one way to play what you love and get away with it. play for free, for love, for yourself.
i used to debate this with a house dj in milwaukee when all i played was hardcore electronics. he was of the theory that the crowd was the motive. i was of the theory that music was expression, crowd be damned. the only times i have traveled has been based on this theory. club dj'ing certainly has never moved me around. it's like sitting in a stagnant land of urine and beer...that's why we're all here, right? miami pays for back dat azz and a few hundred other interchangeable pieces, week in and week out. otherwise it's time to hit the road jack and kids grow too much in those three weeks to keep chasing the eternal dream; actually more like a nightmare if you play 266bpm noise based spaz jizz.

Woods said...

dude... did you really quote pitchfork

OLLIE said...

Throwing a spanner in this conversation, shout to omd for putting me onto yet another cool band, I hadn't heard of...