Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Finished A Flyer

Over a year ago, I had a string of bad luck w/ electronics.  At the time, I had a desktop computer that was solely being used for graphic design and downloading bootlegged movies.  I also had a laptop that I was just using for Serato.  Long story short, within the period of . . . mmm, 2 weeks, both of those computers crapped out on me.  On top of that, at the time I thought I was safe/lucky because I had recently backed everything up into this massive 500GB hard drive.  Well, rain < pours = the HD failed on me about a week later.

All of the music I had collected since . . . forever, as well as mostly all of the design I had ever done -- since 98, was now gone.  That sucked, and still does suck.  I was less concerned w/ the loss of the music than I was with the loss of my portfolio.  

Well, what're you gonna do?  
You're gonna do whatever it is bringing the most money; and at the time, it was djing.  So basically, I quit doing any sort of design -- as well as looking in that direction as far as 'careers' and such.

Well, I thought I'd give it a try again.  
So, here's the first design I've done in over a year.  Click em to enlarge.


mj said...

jamie lidell is one of the most amazing performers ever. that design is tight, love the foreign currency theme.

anyway, was looking for something to do tonight in miami, somehow through a series of internet incantations i came upon your myspace page and then saw ps14 and then remembered that i had meant to check the place out and then saw that there will be wings and dice. and ladies. and im listening to the mixes on your page and they rock. so there it is.

Chris Mora said...

Really diggin' the flyer for this. I'm jealous of your Adobe skills.