Sunday, July 27, 2008

War Stories (Part 2: And You Say Chi-city!)

So I snapped this video for my sister who was born in Chicago.  She's a big Bulls fan, so since we were playing their arena, I thought it'd be cool to snap their backstage ish.  The door was locked, but randomly, I caught Coldplay running back to the front of house for their 2nd encore.  Similar to that Beastie Boys show documented in the "Awesome, I Shot That" DVD, after their main set, they run to the back of the arena, and *surprise* "Here we are guys, amongst the crowd for an encore!"  Then they run all the way back for another encore that ends w/ these crazy cannons shooting out multi-colored paper butterflies all over the crowd. (Gotta get that shit on video!)

Anyways, if you watch the vid, you'll catch me saying something like: "I'll get you later!" to Chris Martin.  

See, they've got this ping-pong table that follows them around on tour that they play to warm-up before their shows.  It also happens to be setup right outside our dressing room . . . so i mean, wtf, I'm gonna get on that shit and rock out.  Naturally, right?

Well, to this point, my only interaction w/ dude has been to challenge him to a game where he puts up his per diems against mine.  If I won, I figured I'd be getting a 400% mark-up.  

That was the plan at least.  But the very next day I get word from our Tour Manager, who was told by a Coldplay staffer, that we (Santogold crew) can't use the ping-pong paddles; which is basically like saying: "Puny proletariats, your unwashed hands shall never again befoul the holy paddles."

So now, I've gotta find a sports store and get some bling-ass bedazzled signature paddle.  I'm gonna take dude out and have the whole shit filmed w/ the SG-1's (dancers) getting some cheers on, and "Eye of the Tiger" playing on a boombox as I walk on court.  Then again, if I beat him too badly, especially before they go on stage, i foresee: 

[*Best English accent*] "That's it!  Santogold's DJ is off this tour!  Now!!"

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