Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Up On It

There's an interview on UK magazine Dazed & Confused's website w/ me.  This is an edited down version (i.e. no personality/elaborations); to see the full thang, check out Slam x Hype sometime soon.  
If you go to Dazed quickly, I'll still be on the front page . . . sweeeet.

Funny Caption Here.

And cuz Jake is a lazy bastard (sure guy, "meetings all day", i smell ya), i'll post up his recent interview on Cool Junkie as well:



In other press, the relatively new party Oh Hell Nah! that I dj at alongside Luis/DS and Mike Deuce, got written up in Flavorpill as something you should be going to.   If you've got any input as far as drink specials you'd be interested in let us know, we're open to changing the $4 Tequila & $4 Coronas.   

Then in even further news clippings of this week, Money Shot's 1 Year Anniversary leads in the 4th of July weekend wrap-up by The Miami New Times.

I should've posted this track up for my computer story, but better late than never.

Doris Norton - Personal Computer (OG Mix)

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