Friday, July 4, 2008

Colin Farrell Also Buys His Clothes From Bums

About a year ago, during one of the monthly ArtWalk's, Colin's hanging outside of some art gallery on the westside -- also known as "oh, that side of the railroad"


If you're not familiar w/ the area, as the sun starts setting, the crack zombies start coming out in force.  The temporary influx of affluent gallery-attendees during these Saturdays is like a Batman beacon for 'em.

Low and behold one of the zombies is struggling down the road semi-biking down the street (left-footed pedaling only, right foot kept slipping off), and he's wearing this shirt:


Colin likes what he sees, and when he sees what he likes, he gets it.  Quickly calling out to this frothy-mouthed Lance Armstrong, Farrell asks: 

"Hey, where did you get that shirt?  I'll give you $5 for it."

Part excited that he was actually being spoken to, part cautious not to scare away the perpetually 5-o'clock-shadowed Farrell, the Zombstrong(too much?) stops in his tracks and slings a bag from across his back, hurriedly wobbling over to Colin.

What's inside the bag?!
A shitload of brand new shirts that he was more than happy to put on display for purchase. He had a couple "Hello Titty" shirts, a single remaining "The Man, The Legend" shirt, and two "Welcome to Florida" shirts.

Boom, deal done.

About two weeks later I'm, err, Colins, djing at this Scion art/music/fashion event thing on South Beach wearing that shirt[and no, I didn't wash it; gotta keep the rustic].  

"Hey, you've got my shirt on!  Where'd you get that?" asks this ~40-yr old tatted-up guy who is walking up to me.  Farrell recounts the story as the artist laughs.  

"Wow, he must've dug them out of my dumpster.  I just threw out a bunch of those tees recently.  Btw, can I get your autograph?  I loved you in Fight Club!" 

Anyways, this round-about (completely true, aside from vicarious Colin bit) story leads me to this blend/edit/thing i roughed up late last night for the Money Shot 1 Year Anniversary w/ 2 Live Crew!  If you weren't there, you probably already hate your life, so I won't rub in the fact that it was . . . um, hype!  "Money Shot Entertainment!"

If there aren't already, I'm sure there will be a bunch of remixes flying around of this track.  I know of about three so far -- 1 of which is passable, the two others being Ooof-able (Thanks for sending that one Huggs!  Ooof.); all by people you can find on Hypem.

Lil Wayne - A Millie (Contra's At Least Its Bearable Remix)

Zshare link.

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