Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hammer Don't

People go on and on about stage shows these days.

"Oooh, did you see Daft Punk's fluorescent pyramid with its synchronized lighting?!"
Kanye's got a glowing vest thing goin on!"

Well, note-pads out future stars/critics, I got this from The Hammer himself! 

I know, I can't believe his blog isn't on Hypem either!!

Of course by now you know Hammer's become a born-again Christian, preaching etc.  If you had a fortune/life-style like he had and then lost it all, you'd probably have to find God too . . . that, or kill yourself.  But before taking that leap, you might try your hand at reinventing yourself; you know, to try and reclaim what you once had.  That attempt may lead you to this:

This video of Hammer's G-(string)phase reminds me of NWH's classic "Booty Juice":

N.W.H. - Booty Juice - 320kbps ripped from my CD!

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