Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kool Keith vs Erryone

SteFan King

MF Doom?

Calling em out for jacking . . . um, i dunno . . . being a weirdo?!

Kool Keith - Stephen King [96kbps via The Crypt Online]

The only story I have on Kool Keith, is that when I brought him down for A Fresh El Camino Deux, he was . . . I dunno, Keith.  Prior to the show, driving him to the venue (what was I/O Lounge), he demanded that we go through skid row (2 blocks from the venue).  This was back when that area was really grimey.

Made us stop the car, he got out, w/ the bucket of chicken we had bought for him (on his rider), and wanted to bring two girls he found sleeping on boxes to the show w/ him as backup dancers!!  When his manager tried to talk him out of it, he got mad upset, threw a drumstick at dude, got back in the car and pulled the 'silent-treatment' until showtime.

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