Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OSE the begining

WOW today i woke up feeling mad groggy. Maybe it was the mac n cheese, chicken n cheese w broccoli n cheese tuna melt dinner i had last night... maybe. I've been lying in my bed for about 2 1/2 hours already thinking about what i need to do today. which mounts to basically nothing. thanks to all my friends for your support.
while i was digging in the crates (mp3s) i came across this gem, i used to sell this record (or trade) anywhere from $70-100 during 1996-97' (when contra swore there was no internet) to German cats via a electro forum. ( i remember once i traded it for Antacid- jedi knights remix 12"). I being lucky enough to live in Miami came across this (and many other miami gems) on a regular basis up until recently (still managed to keep a few copies for myself). OSE-computer funk written by none other than PB floyd and McCauley (dxj) on Bound Sound records 1983, there are also releases of this on treasure records along with a missprinted label version (i forgot what artist was on the other side... its not ose). This tracks the jam, if you're into that oldschool boogie electro.

why share this? i dont know..maybe because i like to contribute some hard to find stuff on here.. besides, its not like im sharing both tracks haha. (they're almost the same)

Ose- Computer funk part 1- bound sound 1003 1983 @320


Jviera said...

contra is a Russian spy.... he has never disclosed his identity.

Jviera said...

cara says this

Jviera said...

i laugh

Anonymous said...

zshare doesn't work in the usa. can i please get a copy of this sent to soulsoulero@gmx.com

,amy thanks friend..if you have this gem in wav, i will be glad to toss a tune back at cha..