Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Future Remixed

This software looks crazy revolutionary; it allows you to alter individual notes within a recorded song.  So rather than manipulating the pitch or whatever to alter a sample (which would affect all of the instruments within your sample) - you can potentially change the chords/notes individually throughout the sample or even the whole song.  Which, depending on the diligence of producers, we can look forward to millions of variant remixes of Kanye's "Love Lockdown".

Direct Note Access:

Found via the Gigacrate blog.


Gigamesh said...

fuck yeah! i've been itching to try this for a year now. probably going to redefine music copyright law

like the flu said...

fuck ya.... i cant wait to get this

contra said...

@ Gigamesh: Agreed.

Morgarate Lee said...

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