Friday, February 6, 2009

"Find The Others."

"There are two kinds of people in this world.  People that believe there are two kinds of people and people that don't believe there are two kinds of people."

A couple years ago I used to watch tons and tons of crazy documentaries/lectures/conspiracy ish/and other randomness that used to flip my shit.

"Waiit, what?!? You mean Clinton ran an international drug trade, and the Taliban was his main grower?"
"You mean the fluoride in water is meant to control the population?"
"Building #7 at free-fall speeds?!"

Et cetera.

Anyways, I recently got an old laptop of mine to start working again (had to buy an external keyboard & mouse).  On it I found an interesting lecture/conference called "Disinfo", or at least it was held by the people behind a short-lived UK TV show called Disinfo.  I think that it was held back in 1999 (definitely at some point before 9/11).  Regardless, its got a bunch of speakers on there (including Marilyn Manson), all talking about different subjects somehow related to the Timothy Leary quote: "Find the others."

So I've had this video since ~2000, and having kept it for so long, I pondered uploading the entire video for you to download -- but that shit takes FOREVER!! Luckily, I found a streaming copy of it that you should go ahead and watch, and then tell your friends to watch it as well.

The first guy, Richard Metzger, does an intro that is passable, so you can go ahead and skip to ~5:45.  The next speaker, Douglas Rushkoff rambles a bit, but he has some really interesting thoughts (especially around the Pong section), and you shouldn't skip him or the next guy, Grant Morrison.

ODB's Brooklyn Zoo on C-Murder's Down For My Niggas Instrumental 


Anonymous said...

Fucking cool

B-RAE said...

Dude! It must be a mid 20's thing...I am sooo there right now. And youtube will defintely feed one's appetite for conspiracy theories. Gotta be careful what we put in there aye?