Thursday, February 12, 2009

funky little NEZZ

NEZZ was an old independent Miami label catering to electro, rap, and freestyle, (it was founded by Henry Stone who was also a founder of many other Miami labels such as tk). Some of its early releases where done independently through FHL productions then later through the Hot associated label. One single that still stands out for me today is "funky little beat" by Connie (i know i know mad lame, its almost valentines day wamp wamp). There just something about this track that i can't seem to let go ever since i first heard it (around 1994, i know.... mad late) probably because of its part in the skanless electric funk megamix 1 (at 3:30). Connie released this single in her mid 20's along with "rock me" which is considered one of the most important latin freestyle singles to date, and shortly afterwards dissapeared from the music scene until al ater date and released a few more singles and an Lp (in 1995). This ones for la pequenita jake, since i know he loves freestyle music.

Connie- funky little beat- nezz release 1004 @320

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