Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lonely Ladi Luv

Ladi luv otherwise know as just Ladi, was an artist signed to the Miami label Joey Boy records, (whose other artists include Bass patrol, dj fury, the puppies (who also have a great tarck y-2-c) just to name a few). Ladi was you could say a one hit wonder, which boggles my mind because for the time, region, and genre (not to mention her age i know she was in her teens) the album (Anything Goes) itself is pretty dope. Her album was produced by the Magnetic Force (who released the single "hip hop bystander". you might have heard her single "good to the last drop" played out somewhere sometime in the past or present, it tends to get a lot of play. I chose to share this track from the album with you all mainly because its valentines day haha, and its one of my top 5 tracks from the album, not including "good to the last drop".

here you go
Ladi Luv- Lonely Heart- Joey boy 3001 @320


Anonymous said...

do you have a copy of good 2 the last drop.would love that

Anonymous said...

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