Friday, May 7, 2010

This Guy.


Part 8 of the series I've just started, focuses on local Ras Trent look-alike, Chris Graham.

He's got a write-up/Q&A over on the NBC Miami NiteSide blog(?). There really has been a bunch of rumblings about the new spot, most likely a direct result of Graham's involvement. Did anyone else get that mass e-mail, errr, press release(?), he sent out asking to have his write-up blogged/tweeted/paid attention to? I'm looking forward to that beer you now owe me, Chris. Your cander only reminds me that I too need to blatantly clamor for publicity and dissemination of said publicity -- have you read your New Times today? Tell a friend. K'thx.

The spot takes over the old Blue space, which always struck me as one of the more awkward spaces for clubland to fill -- feels more like a long hallway than any space I'd like to hang out in for much longer than a beer. Judging from the pictures it looks like they're going for the kitsch -- but who doesn't like conversation-starters?

That's about all I've got on this place as I haven't even been there. Chris is a great (read: swell) guy that makes amazing chicken wings. Plus, he will buy you your first beer if you mention that you saw this review(?!) on the blog.

Best of luck dude.

*EDIT: After reading a bit into the recent past of this NBC NiteTalk series, they really cover a bunch of the family in there. Credit to John Hood (who has more bylines than Jesus) for shining some light on these guys n gals --- even Javi(PS14/Bar) gets love! I think I've got to take the newly founded This Guy series to the next.

Now I just gotta think of questions that aren't so formulaic. Suggestions?
Where's Egg Foo when you need him?

Mr. Oizo - Analog Worms Attack

No idea where I copped this 10" EP, but I remember replaying the A1 over and over. Everything sounds like its peaking to shit with a nasty grunge synth slashing through. It's somewhere between some downtempo instrumental hip-hop and proto-dubstep w/ the wobbles. Break out your black hoodie for this 1999 jam. Interesting to note that the cuts on here are from the Frenchman Feadz.

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