Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get It In Print

Originally slated to be published in their Winter Music Conference issue, the Miami New Times has gone ahead and printed their interview/Q&A with me that I posted (unedited) a while back. If you live in Miami, pick up a copy or read it online. They must've been slow on substance this week, cuz the article is a full-pager, and that's usually reserved for the talented.

While on the New Times site (it's gotten way better lately - congrats), I found out about Gen Art closing shop. Aside from all of the wonderful things I'm sure they focused on, of their events that I've been to, they were always attended by attractive AND intelligent girls --- a three-legged unicorn-like rarity in Miami.

Tip of the hat, adieu

I also learned that NKOTB is coming to concert. Tickets are $81. Ridiculous. How bout you give me $5 and I punch you in the nads? You also get a free t-shirt.

"Alright boys, now don't look too excited."

Listen to the song, and look at the photo again; tell me if it makes any sense.

Sparks - Beat The Clock (Extended Version)

This song is over 30 years old, and that drum still sounds fresh as hell. Might I suggest mixing in @4:02 and bringing it back to the lyrics when necessary/always.
You can find more
Sparks-ish over here.

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