Friday, May 7, 2010


So Santi's got a make-up show after a very unfortunate incident at Wesleyan University cancelled a previous gig as their campus was on lockdown with the shooter still on the loose.

"A 20 year old Wesleyan college student was shot and killed at the Middletown, CT bookstore she worked at yesterday, prompting the cancellation of the school’s Spring Fling concert that was to be headlined by Santigold.

Johanna Justin-Jinich, from Fort Collins, CO, was killed inside Broad Street Books, officials said. Police were searching for a suspect last night, but would not confirm reports that an ex-boyfriend of the victim was suspected. The Wesleyan junior was gunned down by a shooter wearing a wig. The liberal arts college was on lockdown for several hours after the murder and canceled yesterday’s Spring Fling concert, which was also to include King Khan and The Shrines and Clipse."

I'm taking advantage of the trip up north to pack in a couple extra gigs, and quality time [read: Tacos & file Transfers]. If you're going to be around any of the spots listed below, don't hesitate to hit me up [if you don't have my #/email, you should probably hesitate in the hitting up of me, as hanging out is just gonna be more awkward than usual].

21st(?) - Santigold @ Wesleyan
22nd - PYT, Philly
23rd - (dunno the spot), Philly
24th-26th - DC
27th - Silk City, Philly w/ Sammy Slice
28th - Savalas, NYC w/ Rok1
29th-? NYC

Of the things I look forward to hearing more of is Kele's new solo album, that the homey XXXchange lends his production skills to.

[This is where I'd post XXXchange's drumtastic remix of !!!'s "All My Friends Are Weirdos", but I gotta ask permission first. Even though its ~3yrs old I don't think its ever leaked on the intertubes]


Kipper Bush said...

Where would I find a copy of the "All my friends are weirdos" XXXchange remix if I wanted one? Is that a vinyl release?

contra said...

I'm 90% certain it never made it to any sort of proper release. He hasn't put it up on his SoundCloud, and he hasn't put it up on the Fully Fitted blog -- I will ask him to put it up on FF or here in a couple days when I get up to NYC.

Kipper Bush said...

That would be wonderful, thank you!