Thursday, March 26, 2009

TORRTUREEE 1985 video edition

yo when i was little i had 2 favorite music videos.. ahem make that 5 but since we're not talking about the same family here i'll skip out on the latter. One was the thriller video, and the other was jackson 5- torture. When i was younger just like every kid from around this time i was heavy into horror and he-man (heavy pause) so this video with its sort of lame sci-fi effects (man spiders, aliens and weird dancing chics in tights) and whatnot. as a mater of fact i changed my mind i'll post all 4 videos haha but jus one mp3 rip.
numbah wong- micheal jacksons- thriller
numbah choo- the jacksons- torture
numbah tree- herbie hancock- rockit
numbah foh- art of noise- close
numbah fivre- dire straights- money for nothing

this goes in favorite order by video, not by track. if it was by favorite track id have to re-arrange the order.

the jacksons- torture- @320 slight crackle ha

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