Friday, March 13, 2009

Midnight Moroders Feat. Induce & Danny Daze - "Disco For Abruzzo Vol. 1"

Introducing Midnight Moroders, a loose-knit DJ collective interested in the education and distribution of Italo Disco and it's offspring. This first installment features Induce, known for playing 12-hour DJ sets of all Italo-disco and running a record label called The Wonderful Sound, and Danny Daze, known worldwide for his array of catch phrases including "How's That Grab Ya" and producing music under the guise DiscoTech, which at press time, does not seem to have taken off as much as said catch phrases have. We invite you to enjoy this All Vinyl mix, distribute it freely amongst your closest friends, and peruse the tracklisting in order to drop the entirety of your well-earned weekly paycheck on a single record on Ebay.



Blu Diamonds said...

Whats up with the dudes trunks on the cd cover? I was expecting something sexier from you two. Like Jefferson in his AA booty shorts.

designjuicemind said...

Sweet mix....thanx!

Anonymous said...

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