Saturday, March 21, 2009

fantasy jarvis

felix & jarvis plus a fantasy. double super special post to welcome in the coming week. i just woke up and realized its almost 5 pm i think this has got to be the latest ive ever woken up not doing anything the night before. i hope th rest of the week does not follow up with days like this. im kind of loking forward to next week but i am also not really all that excited. hopefully fI dont really have anything to say about the mp3s im sharing here, aside that felix n jarvis are one of my favorite late 70s/ 80's era artists i decided to post both tracks as a follow up to danny and induces mixtape.
i hope you all enjoy at the expense of me not finding any parking next week.
holla atcha boy

fantasy- you're too late instrumental @320

felix and jarvis- jam the house instrumental edit @320